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Brazil Nut Keratin Hair Care Mask & Hair Treatment

Brazil Nut Keratin Hair Care Mask & Hair Treatment

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Product details of Brazil Nut Keratin Hair Treatment Mask 500g

  • Smooth and frizzy hair is only a keratin mask away.
  • Keratin resuscitates dull, thin hair by imbuing it with the very protein your hair is made of – keratin.
  • With regular use after some time, you’ll witness your strands become smoother, silkier, and progressively more reasonable with these Keratin hair masks.
  • All you have to begin is wash your hair with a good shampoo, apply your conditioner, apply these Keratin hair treatment masks, and leave them on for a couple of minutes.
  • At that point – bam! All new hair.


Dry the Hair, than put the hair mask from the end of the hair, avoid the scalp. Massage with finger pulp for 3 min, let every single hair absorb the nutrition. Warm the hair with a hot towel for 5 -10 minute to accelerate the absorb.
Natural plant keeps your hair long-lasting and refreshing fragrant and charming
Vegetable glycerin : contain vegetable glycerin ,supply nutrition to hair and repair the damaged hair
Vitamin : the rich vitamin solve all those problem that cause by lack of nutrition.
Function : moisturizing, repairing frizz and damaged hair


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